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Recent Healthcare Provider Ratings and Reviews
Mist, HeidiAdd Review
Doctor, General PracticeGender: Female
Location: California, Red BluffCosts/Fees: 1/10
Overall Rating: 10/10Wait times: 1/10
Knowledgeable: 1/10Helpful: 1/10
Wojcik, BarbaraView Comments - Add Review
Doctor, NeurologyGender: Female
Location: Texas, Mount PleasantCosts/Fees: 9/10
Overall Rating: 10/10Wait times: 9/10
Knowledgeable: 10/10Helpful: 10/10
Hamm, Robert J.Add Review
Doctor, Psychiatry and PsychologyGender: Male
Location: Connecticut, West HartfordCosts/Fees: no rating yet
Overall Rating: no rating yetWait times: no rating yet
Knowledgeable: no rating yetHelpful: no rating yet
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