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Healthcare Banner Exchange - Doctor Ratings

Welcome to the New Healthcare Banner Exchange

May-07 The Healthcare Banner Exchange is a targeted way of getting free exposure for your healthcare related website. Raise your websites & products profile with free advertising !

How Often Will My Banner Appear?

The number of times your banner appears depends directly on the number of times banners from the Healthcare Banner Exchange network are displayed on your site, with a ratio of 5:4. In other words, for every 5 banner displays on your site, your banner will earn 4 displays on other member sites (this is significantly better than other banner exchanges) The more traffic to your site, the more display credits you earn, and the more exposure your banner receives.

Who Can Be a Banner Exchange Member?

Any business or organization that has a website with a healthcare related theme/content. We do not accept sites that are personal homepages, very poor quality, little useful information, warez, casinos, have X-rated content, or other sites that may contain inappropriate or offensive content.

Banner Size

Banners should be 468x60 pixels, in gif or jpg format, and no larger than 15k file size. There is a limit of one banner per site, but you can change your banner any time you want by uploading it in your account page. Right click on the image in I.E. and view properties if you are unsure of the size and dimensions. Banners can be uploaded after logging into your account, contact us if you have trouble uploading and viewing it.

How Can I Get or Create a Banner?

If you don't feel comfortable designing your own banner, there's a great deal of Freeware and Shareware programs that are fairly easy to use, try searching, for "Banner Creator / Editor or Animator". We could also create a basic banner for you for free too, contact us here if you need one. Don't forget banners should be 468 x 60 and no larger than 15k !

Once you have a banner created, and have already signed up, you can upload your banner to our banners directory by logging in to your member account, there will be a form to upload the banner there.

What Kind of Reports Do You Provide on How Well My Banner is Doing?

Each member will be provided password-protected access to their own stats page, where you can view up-to-date figures showing how many times your banner has been shown and how many credits you have remaining. If you forget your password, just contact us with your account name, and we'll email a copy of your password to the email address you listed originally in your account.

Where Will My Banner Appear?

On all member websites, in rotations with other member banners. The rotation software is set up to give your banner as wide and varied exposure as possible, on as many different healthcare member websites as possible.

Ok, So How Do I Sign Up?

Click here to sign up! Once you've registered, you'll be provided with a few lines of HTML code to insert on your web page. If you require assistance inserting this code contact us and we will help you.

Professional Webmasters

For each website you sign up or refer into the Healthcare Banner Exchange, you will be awarded 5000 banner exposures.